DØP7/0 OBJECTIVE: The exact objective is to present to the public an accurate decoding of the current status based on three very simple models for the System of social structure, the human being and for  the transactions between them, respectively, so that the illusion is eliminated and to emphasize the fact that the weakest link, in which the children are involved (the declared target toward which the activity of the association is oriented) pays the highest price.

DØP3/1 A parent and his child went to a big book fair, to buy a book for the child. Only one book, that could remain valid regardless of age and that describes the world in a common language so that it is able to explain the world to them enough that they may act accordingly and understand the causes and solutions to problems of daily life.


DØP3/2 They didn’t manage to find one so they decided to ask a public figure present at a stand, since they are considered more informed than them. The first recommendation was a book of jokes. When he noticed the exchange of glances between parent and child, he gave up and recommended literature. The symbolism of the two recommendations for ordinary people was chilling.


DØP3/3 They then understood that what they were looking for could not be found in any book of that fair, that in fact could not be found in any book in the world as knowledge is fragmented into a myriad of sources and is told in infinite different ways of common usage and it is then impossible for a being to fully absorb it in due time.


DØP3/4 According to the words of those who have the power or those who are paid to influence our opinions, everything is fine and dandy. Things cannot be all fine and dandy while the facts reveal our children being sacrificed generation after generation. Where is it that words do not add up with deeds in this nation, where appearances mask abuses that have reshaped society? Can the society we live in be understood? Is it possible to achieve a representative model of society to explain all the situations encountered in human life? One accessible in plain language and not shared with millions of books written from one another encrypted in countless languages ​​of many sciences and religions? What is it that we are not telling our children?

DØP3/5 And then that parent and others like him began to look with their own eyes to what is, exactly as it is, without having to resort to others’ filtrated interpretation.

DØP3/6 And found that they, as common people, have a profound experience because they have seen with their eyes rising and falling social systems, corporate entities and families.

This text is part of a moral project. It is not associated with any political doctrine, with any religion and with any of the arts. None of the rules of these human creations can be applied to it. No consent is required for the existence of this text, becausethe purpose is not scientific, political, religious or artistic, but human. It is addressed to children directly or through their family.

DØP1/1 In a world  haunted by limited resorces illusions, illusions of fair competition and that it is natural for masters andservants, representatives and faces without meaning, dealers and suckers to exist, on an individual level there is a completely opposite choice. Some people live a humble intellectual pleasure when returning to meditation on a concept andthen contemplate the perspective at different points in time. For these types of people, statements represent only a momentary perspective of time, from an entire cycle of understanding. The downside of this choice is that in a world in which it does not matter if you're right but only if you are able to persuade momentarily, it is possible that that particular persuasion errs and thus any future prospects no longer matter. The positive side however, is that although they may lose battles likedebate, they do not care, because through perseverance, in time, they have such a chance to get the depth of theperspective that the concept of that illusion disappears and the only remainder is that which has to do with reality. We humblybelieve that those who are momentary winners exist as long as their persona exists and their life is shackled in illusion, while those who target the elimination of illusion live forever through their ideas. Therefore, we reserve the right to change withoutprior public warning any part of this moral project.

DØP7/1 The starting points of this moral project are: observing the discrepancy between officially proclaimed moral facts of life; observation of unpunished abuses, observing the irreversible consequences and the suffering which ensues, observing the same pattern repeated throughout the known social human history, with nuances changed about once every 3 generations (until free-thinkers or the aged disappear, those who have understood that beneath the surface there’s the same game); to see that all around, the beggars and also the leaders are involved in satisfying their needs without causing suffering to others but also people who, in order to meet their needs and their goals do not mind the suffering of others etc.

DØP7/2 The decoding is a pattern not reported to the needs of society at a certain historical moment, but to the human destiny of the beings, by which the right to live is not given by law. For this reason we will never allow this DECODE to be taken by the state under any circumstances, because it belongs to the population. It is intended to be simple human language. It is more difficult than we have initially thought to use scientific language. The concepts were meant to be so few and so accurate that it can be immediately understood by a child between the age at which he learns to read and the age at which children usually experience their first crisis of values. The intention is for it to lead to a singular (non-dual) reference system, which excludes doubt due to lack of responsiveness caused by a disparate and contradictory morass of concepts the child has contact with within the family, school and environmental company, therefore producing certain reflexes. We subject to the idea that the effort to change the mentality of an adult is futile and that the only effort that makes sense is for children up to age of about 12-14 years, i.e. until the time when the child realizes that beyond the illusions that have been laid upon him, real life is different. This is the crisis which we want to eliminate allowing the child to perceive correctly the first social reality in its essential aspects.

DØP7/3 This moral project is not related to philosophy, religious beliefs or political doctrines, but to mirroring reality. Thus it does not require evidence, since to see them it would be enough to observe real life. It does not use concepts like good, bad, truth, the reference system being non compliance or disagreement, the correct perception of the facts that cause irreversible suffering, leading to premature illness, premature aging and ultimately premature death. It incriminates only the perpetuation of the gap between officially proclaimed moral practices and real life practices, the fact that people are not free to choose as long as they do not understand what they are choosing from. No support has been given from any institution towards this path, the resources can be found only in itself. Whichever the decision makers of the state (area B) may be, the probability that they will provide funding for the promotion of this moral project is near absolute zero, because for them any form of organization of the population not included in the structures of the state, that is not under state control and that does not serves the state, but population A, will always be the greatest danger. The justification is given by the fact that this weakness (the gap) was fatal to all communities and nations, which have since disappeared, their place being taken by others; and moreover, we believe the weakness to be fatal to the species as a whole, since it could not face any real threats from outside the species.

DØP7/4 The moral project sets out with only a few guiding ideas for others’ consciousness in total accordance with thebylaws. So far, this conceptual model was not found to have any cracks by the hundreds of people who were presented with it, but rather, it allowed for the judgment of the inner nature of the interviewees considering their reactions.

DØP7/5 Intuitively, it is likely that a significantly higher probability will emerge with the beings who satisfy their needs andachieve their goals whether or not they cause suffering to other beings, to do everything to determine an attitude ofignorance, of minimization, of lightening, of compromising, etc. toward the deduction system exactly because it decodes the negative source of their way of life. Remember that they exist in all walks of life, in all social structures, from simple folk toofficials. Motivation to reject the deduction system doubles for beings that have power in the structure or are servants of those who hold power in the system of social structure. The higher the power in the system, the higher their likelihood to oppose the project becomes. For example, it is a significant probability that there is no official funding from public funds formoral projects that put into question the exact source of the welfare of their livelihood.